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What We Do

**Our Guides are not currently licensed in Colorado, with licensure slated to begin in 2026. Our Guides complete Oregon State approved licensure training and serve as Certified Psilocybin Guides in Colorado.**


Moksha Journeys is a collective of trained and experienced guides who come to this special work after decades working as therapists, coaches, doctors, herbalists, mycologists, research scientists, and experienced entheogenic facilitators from eastern and western spiritual traditions. We are devoted to supporting safe, effective, and meaningful sacred medicine journeys, in private, natural settings, that are custom designed to meet each client's needs. We provide professional guide services that include a wide range of beneficial strategies for personal development, self-healing, and spiritual exploration. 

Moksha Journeys features individual and group services, including preparation, planning, education, guided journeys, nature retreats, and integration sessions. We offer microdose coaching with individualized protocols, tools, and workbooks, depth coaching to achieve lasting personal transformation and healing, and ceremonial practice and training groups.

Our Guides


Our psilocybin services guides are among the first in the U.S. to offer guided, liberating journeys for healing, personal awakening, and self-exploration in legal states. Our guides are trained in the practice of depth-coaching to take you deeper into your core values and true intentions. They use client-centered methods to support you to prepare for and navigate a meaningful, personalized journey, and to deeply integrate the experience into your identity and your life. They come from a variety of backgrounds and their common ground is respect for the sacred plants and the highest standards for total client care.

Our guides are experienced specialists who support you during your journey. They create retreat programs, provide neurowellness evaluations and individualized protocols, and teach techniques that induce non-ordinary states of consciousness, increase self-awareness and magnify your strengths.  Our guides are here to help you get the most from your journey, answer your questions, and empower you to achieve the enduring, positive change you desire.



Guide Training


Moksha Journeys provides an Oregon state-approved, licensed facilitator training program for our guides. Bodhi Academy features a 150-hour training program and a 100-hour supervised practicum. Every guide on the team completes this program. At the completion of their training, guides undertake an apprenticeship, working alongside lead and senior guides to ensure they master the arts of psychedelic preparation, guiding the journey, and effective  integration sessions.


Guide Responsibilities


Our guides provide depth-coaching, preparation, planning, education, a trained, supportive presence during your journey, and integration sessions. They create retreat programs and offer training in practices that induce non-ordinary states of consciousness and increased self-awareness.  They support you to get the most from your journey, integrate your insights into your life, and achieve enduring, positive change.



Guide Responsibilities During Journeys


Our guide ratios are 2 guides to 1 individual client or 1 couple, and 1 guide to 2 clients in group retreats. Guides provide all aspects of the setting for each journey, including sound systems, playlists, mindfolds, and everything needed to create a safe, sacred, and harmonious environment for the journey. During the session, they provide guidance for navigation, answer your questions, help with drinking water, and accompany you to move safely for restroom breaks. They keep your post-journey snacks nearby and provide them as you begin to come back to earth.



Sessions with Your Guide


Intake, preparation, and post-retreat integration sessions are held by Zoom meetings. At the start of each retreat, a special gathering is held to give clients the opportunity to meet and get to know the guides. Guides offer additional individual and group services including coaching, counseling, meditation training, sound healing, and holistic wellness support.

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