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Relax  Recover  Reconnect

Moksha Journeys is dedicated to reconnecting humans to themselves, to each other, and to the earth through the liberating power of plant and fungi medicines. Our retreats take place in natural settings, and feature healthy meals prepared with organically grown, regeneratively farmed food.  

Every journey provides abundant opportunities to reconnect with the earth and recommit to living harmoniously with nature. Group meditations, preparation, and integration sessions create bonds between you and your fellow travelers and nurture supportive, respectful connections with others. Most importantly, your retreat will enhance neural pathway connectivity in the brain, which can lead to enduring, positive change.

Retreats provided needed time out, taking time for self-care and devotion to higher ideals. The daily routine is simple and restful. Classes include meditation, yoga, movement, breathwork, and journaling. Coaching groups give you effective tools for setting intentions and letting go of whatever is not needed for your journey. 

Rachael Sound Group.jpeg

Music immersion and sound healing sessions stimulate healthy neurotransmitters to instill the best state of mind. Nourishing meals and refreshments are provided throughout the day. Walk in nature, write in your journal, soak in a hot tub, gaze at the stars. Focus on getting ready to embark on a deeply meaningful journey.

After your retreat, integration sessions help you connect the elements of the journey with your intentions, find the significance of symbols, visions, and messages received, and incorporate your new insights and realizations into your identity. Integration is the key to an effective journey. Be sure to join our post-journey online groups and in-person gatherings for ongoing community and integration support.

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