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28-Day Addiction Recovery Program 


Welcome to the future of addiction recovery. We have designed this program to offer new hope for those who have struggled with drug and alcohol dependency and have not found relief in traditional rehab programs or clinical settings. Our guests stay in comfortable accommodations in a retreat setting and receive a variety of specialized care from our Nexus Center for Consciousness team, including:


  • Recovery counseling

  • Transformational coaching programs 

  • Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy

  • Nutritional counseling & natural wellness products

  • Functional medicine testing & analysis

  • Neurowellness evaluations & custom protocols

  • Human Movement coaching & training

  • Acupuncture for recovery & psychedelic integration

  • Sound Therapy

  • Massage Therapy

  • Meditation, Pranayama, & Mantra Classes

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Psilocybin-Assisted Recovery: New Hope for Enduring Change

An important part of our holistic program is the opportunity for our retreat participants to experience the healing benefits of psilocybin with the Moksha Journeys team. Clinical studies conducted to date are confirming that pairing psilocybin with recovery programs could prove to be an effective strategy to break the entrenched cycles of substance use disorders. Psilocybin has been found to alleviate repetitive patterns in the brain by disrupting the default mode network while stimulating new neural pathway activity. Addiction and trauma are known to create negative loops in the brain that lead to cycles of obsessive thinking and disruptive behaviors. Our evidence-based psilocybin services represent the cutting edge of innovation, bringing new hope for those who have suffered the unwanted effects of substance use disorders and underlying traumatic stress.


Oregon’s legal psilocybin program centers on supported adult use and is not a medical program, and our recovery retreats are not at all like traditional treatment centers. We offer our guests the opportunity to experience psilocybin with the support of our trained and licensed facilitators in the safety and security of a licensed psilocybin services center near our retreat property. Transportation to and from the service center and the retreat is provided for our guests.


Our facilitation team provides a wide array of support for the psilocybin experiences that are offered to guests during their stay, including:


  • Intake & Screening

  • Preparation Planning

  • Preparation Education

  • Preparation Checklists

  • A team of two facilitators for every individual session

  • Group ratios of one facilitator for two participants

  • Psilocybin services for family members

  • Dose consultations & recommendations

  • Sound system with psilocybin playlists & blackout eye shades

  • Client records management

  • Post-experience integration sessions

  • Integral Consciousness coaching skills and tools

  • Coordination with integration therapy specialists

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Transcendence Retreat

Located on a mountain top with epic valley and mountain views, our retreat is the perfect place to get immersed in deep healing and transformation. The gorgeous home offers some of the best sunsets in the Rogue valley. The main house features 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, dining area, and an elegant living area with a gas fireplace. Outdoors you will enjoy spacious decks and patios, a fire pit, cliffside hot tub, copper cold plunge tub, and an outdoor pool featuring a peaceful and relaxing waterfall. 


The adjacent studio hosts individual therapy, counseling, and coaching sessions, and a variety of holistic treatments, including acupuncture, sound healing, and massage therapy. The lawns and patios are ideal for relaxation and serve as locations for human movement coaching, a cutting-edge approach to personal training that supports the diverse movement needs of the human body, while enhancing the human spirit’s need for exploration, joy, connection, and perseverance. While at the retreat you will be nourished with chef-prepared meals designed to provide balanced nutrition and a variety of delicious foods. 

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Retreat Admission Process

Every individual is unique. We want to ensure that our 28-day retreat is a good fit for your needs, learn about your interests, and help to custom design a program that supports your goals.  This process starts with a free call to get to know you and give you the opportunity to ask questions and explore options. At the end of the call, we will make recommendations based on your history and current situation. We endeavor to schedule retreats in a timely manner to ensure that you can begin to reap the benefits of this specialized care as soon as possible. Being the first in the nation to offer psilocybin-assisted recovery means that this unique program is in high demand. We encourage you to reach out today and book a call to get started today. 


Intervention Services

Do you need a family interventionist to help support your loved one to get to the retreat? Our Certified Interventionist is available to travel to your location to help. If medical detox is needed, the interventionist can help arrange admission. Once detox is complete, if needed, he can serve as a sober travel companion to accompany your loved one to arrive safely at our Oregon retreat. If you need intervention support, please reach out and book a call now.

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