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Moksha is liberation

Moksha ( / ˈmoʊkʃə /; Sanskrit: मोक्ष, mokṣa ): emancipation, enlightenment, liberation, and release 

Guided Retreats

A Deeply Meaningful Journey

Retreat means, time out, taking time for self-care and devotion to higher ideals. The daily routine is simple and restful. The day begins with meditation, yoga, and pranayama. Coaching groups provide tools for setting intentions and letting go of whatever is not needed for your purpose in this time and place. Music immersion and sound healing sessions nourish neurotransmitters, helping you attain the best state of mind. Healthy meals and refreshments are provided throughout the day. Walk in nature, write in your journal, soak in a hot tub, gaze at the stars. You will be ready to embark on a deeply meaningful journey.

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What We Do

Clinical Counseling

Professional Coaching

Psychedelic Journey Specialists

Holistic Neurowellness

Microdose Programs


Change your consciousness, elevate your life. 
Non-ordinary states lead to extraordinary change.

"I got the clarity and resolution I needed to choose to live purposefully. I am no longer feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. I am connected and creative."

- Sam Taylor

“I feel more empowered and confident. I have settled into my authentic self. I have a more positive, laid back vibe.”

- Olivia Green

“Identifying with your emotions is painful especially if you are self-critical. Now I can step back and see all the good I have done and love myself. The pain is gone.”

-  Emma Garcia

*Real testimonials from our clients. Names have been changed for confidentiality.

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