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The Nation’s First Psilocybin-Assisted, 28-day, Addiction Recovery Program


Moksha Journeys Oregon has announced the opening of Transcendence, the nation’s first 28-day, psilocybin-assisted recovery program. Moksha Journeys has partnered with Nexus Center for Consciousness, a counseling, coaching, and wellness services provider, to create this comprehensive retreat program for adults seeking alternative options for addiction recovery. As the first state in the nation to offer legal, licensed psilocybin services, Oregon has made this historic program possible with safe and secure licensed psilocybin service centers, professional training for licensed facilitators, and the licensed production of quality and potency tested products.


The Transcendence program is held at a luxurious, retreat setting near Ashland, Oregon, and is available to individuals and small groups. With a focus on holistic wellness and total person care, our services team for this all-inclusive program includes the following professional specialties:


  • Certified Interventionist

  • Certified Recovery Coach 

  • Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor

  • Certified Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapist

  • Professional Clinical Herbalist and Clinical Nutritionist

  • Certified Integral Consciousness Coaches

  • Sober Companions

  • Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner

  • Certified Sound Therapist

  • Licensed Psilocybin Facilitators

  • Meditation, Pranayama, & Mantra Instructors

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Custom Designed Retreats

We offer a variety of retreat programs for individual, couples, and family retreats to meet your unique needs and interests. Every retreat includes:

  • Intake & Screening

  • Preparation Planning: Create a plan that reflects your purposes and intentions

  • Preparation Education: Training that empowers you to navigate your journey safely and effectively.

  • Two facilitators for each client in individual sessions, 1:2 ratio for groups

  • Integration therapies: sound healing, acupuncture, art/movement, and facilitated sessions

  • Post-retreat integration sessions


Small group retreats are offered for a variety of important purposes. Join like-minded people to:

  • Achieve and strengthen recovery

  • Explore your true nature and purpose 

  • Enhance creative expression

  • Connect with nature and the earth

  • Maintain holistic wellness

  • Revitalize and regenerate

  • Expand consciousness and explore mystical awareness 


Services & Retreat Options:


  • 1-Day Psilocybin Session: Accommodation & meals on your own, intake, screening, preparation & integration sessions via online meetings before and after your session. Transportation to and from your administration sessions


All-inclusive retreats include pre-arrival intake, screening, and preparation sessions, retreat accommodation, chef-prepared meals, transportation to and from your administration sessions, and post-retreat integration sessions:


  • 4-Day Retreat: One psilocybin session, one day of integration therapies

  • 6-Day Retreat: Two psilocybin sessions, two days of integration therapies

  • 8-Day Retreat: Three psilocybin sessions, three days of integration therapies

  • 14-Day Retreat: Multiple psilocybin sessions specific to your purpose, integration therapies, psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy, coaching programs, and other services custom curated for your needs and interests


Other options are available as desired. Please reach out and book a call to learn more and create your ideal retreat.

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